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Company profile

Company name Coreless Motor Co., Ltd.(formally M-Link Co., Ltd. IC FAN V-TECH Co., Ltd.)


Business description

Development, manufacture and sales of Coreless brushless DC motors, AC servo motors, gear-in motors, IC fan motors, linear motors, small generators and their components. Development, manufacture and sale of drivers for the above motors.

President Manabu Shiraki
Capital 95 million yen
Business Hours 9:00~18:00
Holidays Weekends, Summer vacations, Year-end/begging holidays
Factory Shanghai, China factory

・UL GPWV2.E232190


Specialized in small and light motor. Development, Production and Sales of Coreless Motor.

Developed linear motor and linear servo motor with industry first coreless stator, pioneered to lightness and high responsiveness of linear motor.

Unique technology of Brushless Motor provides industry best smallest and lightest motor. Only one motor with high power and high efficiency in the world.

Taking advantage of lightness, we provide you with variety of applications in the filed of automobile, aircraft, medical, etc.

We are the company always pushing the limit of motor technology.

Your continuous and kind support would be highly appreciated.

Coreless motor Co., Ltd.

President Manabu Shiraki

株式会社コアレスモーター 代表取締役社長 白木学

株式会社コアレスモーター 代表取締役社長 白木学

Management philosophy Contribute to the society through Coreless Motor. Pushing the limit of Coreless Motor.
Management policy We develop and manufacture products that take advantage of the core-less structure (Lightweight, Cogging-less, and high-speed rotation), and provide customers with solutions that have not been in the world. Expand the potential of coreless technology and contribute to the development of the fields of environment, natural energy, medical and industrial technology.
Products and Services

・Coreless Brushless DC motor/motor driver

・AC servo motor

・Gear-in motor
・Small size power generator
・Linear motor

・Geared power generator

Strength We are a specialist in coreless motors.
We have a lot of talented people who have excellent ideas.
As we continue to develop new products,
You can maximize the potential of coreless motors. We have a number of employees with vitality who take advantage of our wisdom and our ability to act.


5 minutes walk from Chuorinkan station, Odakyu line or Denentoshi line
〒242-0007 Chuorinkan 4-9-3-2 Yamato city  Kanagawa pref.
Coreless Motor Co., Ltd.
FAX: 046-204-6664
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