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AC servo motor

AC servo motor


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High precision control available High precision positioning control, speed  control and acceleration control available.
Light and compact Big work with small size
Battery power use available Wide input voltage Range
High speed rotation available High speed rotation is available due to coreless structure




Product line-up

Model nameModel numberdimensionCircuit wiringRated torque/rotation/output @ voltageOption
CPS62C MSE62-I34K8-SU3 62X62X108 Serial 0.47Nm/3500RPM/ 170W@24V
0.44Nm/5336RPM/ 246W@36V
0.35Nm/7486RPM/ 274W@48V
Mounting hole PDCφ71
  MSE62-I34K8-SI1 62X62X108 Serial Mounting hole PDCφ70
CPS62C-B MSE62-B-I34K8-SI2 62X62X144 Serial with non-excitation type electromagnetic brake
CPS80C-B MSE80-B-I34T14-HT1 80X80X117 Serial 0.64Nm/3000RPM/ 200W@30V with non-excitation type electromagnetic brake
CPS80E MSE80-I60K12-SI1 80X80X108.5 Serial 0.88Nm/1884RPM/174W@24V
CPS80E-B MSE80-B-I60K12-SI3 80X80X145.5 Serial with non-excitation type electromagnetic brake
CPS80F MSE80-I60K12-SI2 80X80X108.5 1 parallel 0.74Nm/3800RPM/295W@24V
CPS80F-B MSE80-B-I60K12-SI4 80X80X145.5 1 parallel with non-excitation type electromagnetic brake

*At ambient temperature of 25℃
*Product specification is subject to change without notice.
*Performance guarantee: Within ±10% of catalog specification

Encoder specification

Encoder typeIncremental
Resolution 2500
DC+5V Black
A Blue
-A Blue/Black
B Green
-B Green/Black
Z Yellow
-Z Yellow/Black
U Brown
-U Brown/Black
V Grey
-V Grey/Black
W White
-W White/Black



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