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Employment information

Sales jobs wanted

・Our motors have a higher technical performance than other companies, but because of their unique technology, they are not silent to sell.

・By understanding the characteristics of our products and explaining them to our customers and ultimately being used by our customers, customer's satisfaction is our greatest pleasure and the goal of our sales representatives.

・In recent years, many customers use the Internet to obtain and compare various information, and to look for the best products.
Our company strengthens the internet strategy, and strengthens the approach to the customer who uses the internet sales and the advertisement.

・In the above background, we are looking for those who can understand the technical specifications of our products correctly, who can feel the satisfaction of our customers, and who are strong in IT and the internet, and are able to promote sales activities by making full use of them.

Job description

・Sales of our motor products
・Marketing, promotion and sales of products using IT


How to apply

Please send your Resume to our HRD department.                        
* After document screening, we will inform you of the interview date.                     
* We will strictly adhere to any confidential matters related to your application.                        
* If you have any questions, please contact us or call HRD representative. Thank you.

Selection process

Document screening by Resume
* Only those who pass the documents will be contacted within a week.
▼ First interview
* Please bring your resume (photo attachment) and job history.
* The results of the interview will be contacted within a week, and the person who passes the interview will receive the next selection schedule.
▼ Second interview (final interview)
▼ Tentative offer ・Join the company
* Two to four weeks from the application to the job offer are scheduled.