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Momotaro series


Momotaro series

Because the waveform is tuned to our motor, and the sine wave power supply is realized, the noise sound is reduced and the quiet drive is possible compared with other square wave power supply. If the requested quantity is large, we will be able to provide you with a board unit, and we will also consult you for custom changes such as board shape with inexpensive budget. For specific conditions, please consult with our sales representatives.

Sine Wave Energizing

Cut the noise when the motor is energized

A variety of speed adjustment methods

Built-in potentio-meter
Analog voltage (0Vv to 5V)

External Potentio-meter

With one switch

Motor Quick Brakes Square wave energization/sine wave energization

Speed measurement, emergency alarm

Speed signal output

Alarm signal output

Motor Destruction Prevention

Equipped with motor overload protection function


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List of specifications

MBLD250(Sine Wave Energizing Driver)

It is the smallest in the Momotaro series and only about 200g, but it exerts the drive capacity of up to 10A.

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Item MBLD250
Compatible models Optimized for CPH50, CPHA50. As for CPH40, we will planning to optimize.
Supply voltage Range(V) 10Vdc 〜 50Vdc
Current(A) 7A  /  10A
Variable speed range (rpm) 300rpm 〜 15,000rpm
Output specification Forward start/Reverse start/stop motor quick brake DIP1 (on = open loop, off = closed loop) DIP3 (on = Square wave drive, off = sine wave drive) DIP4 (on = external speed command, off = internal speed command) 
RPM output (pulse frequency) Alarm output
Speed setting Included Potentio-meter    external potentio-meter(0〜10KΩ)
Speed command Voltage input(0〜5V)
Set Current value limit Set on internal volume(0〜100%)
(Overload protection setting)
Protection features Overload (3 seconds) driver temperature abnormal (FET temperature rise) ※1
Input voltage drop (9V ± 5%)  Input voltage increase (60V ± 5%) Current limit
EnvironmentTemperature (use/storage) In use: 0 〜 40℃  /  In storage: 0 〜 60℃
Humidity Less than 90% RH but without condensation
Vibration Less than 0.5G 
Atmosphere No corrosive gas, No dust-resistant (indoor specification)
Appearance size/Mass 97mm  X 101mm x 28mm ( W x L x H )  /  200g  




MBLD500 (Large sine wave energizing driver)

It will support up to 25A and realize maximum 28A drive. Currently in development and is now in the final evaluation for announcements soon                                                                                                                                                                                                                          DSC02170 DSC02170 


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