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Gear-in motor

Gear-in motor



Compared to conventional external gears, the gear built-in motor is less than 50% in volume ratio.
High torque is realized by the built-in gear while being lightweight and compact.
Long life
The model with the encoder and the brake will be developed sequentially.


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Why has the gear-in motor not existed so far?

Because our motor is coreless, there is a hollow structure. Therefore, there is a space where the gear part enters.
gear 01

If coreless motor, any maker can make it?

No, keep the conventional structure and reduce the gear, it will be short-lived!!

➡ Proprietary world patent technology to put the gear in a small space 

      without sacrificing life is realized!

2、Definition of Model Number

gearin modelgearin model

Series name G: Gear-in series
Motor classification H: Brushless DC motor(Hall sensor)
L:  Brushless DC motor(Sensor-less)
E: AC servo motor(Encoder Drive)
Base motor modle no. 50: CPH50 80E: CPH80E 80F: CPH80F
Planetary Gear stages L1 : 1 stage L2:2 stages
Deceleration ratio 1 stage geqr: 5, 6, Other custom-made
2 stage gear:20, 25, Other custom-made
Output shaft C: Round shaft(Standard)
K: With key shaft(Custom supported)
D: D-cut shaft(Custom supported)

3、Standard model(as of June 2017)

The product that the sample shipment started now and under development and sample shipment will start soon.
Specification is still taget and fincal specification will be confirmed later.

Model no.Base motorGear raiodimension
Target rated torque
@Gear shaft
Target rated output
@Gear shaft
GSH-80E-L2-20-C CPH80E 1/20 80x80x135 12 14.3 40 Sample shipping
24 14.3 90
36 12.6 150
48 10 210
GSH-80E-L2-25-C CPH80E 1/25 80x80x135 12 17.8 30
24 17.8 80
36 15.8 120
48 12.6 170
GSH-80F-L2-20-C CPH80F 1/20 80x80x135 12 11.7 50 Under development
24 12 190
36 10.5 310
48 8.3 420
GSH-80F-L2-25-C CPH80F 1/25 80x80x135 12 14.6 40
24 15 150
36 13.2 240
48 10.3 340
GSH-50-L2-25-C CPH50 1/25 50x50x78 12 4.1 110 samle shipping
24 4.1 270
36 3.6 440

Other models of our brushless DC motors, other gear ratios, encoders, with brakes, etc. are scheduled to be supported sequentially, but if you have a request for custom products, please contact our sales person in charge.

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