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Coreless brushless DC motor


Introduction of Coreless technology


Our motor technology,  Coreless and Brushless are the feature.

  • Not like coil winding method as conventional coreless motor, especially proceed thin copper plate as stator can flow large amount of current.
  • This copper plate will not be deformed even by large force. And solid and non-eccentric processing technology achieved small, light, Hi-power and large torque.
  • In addition to the cogging-less, which is a feature of the coreless motor, it realizes a smooth rotating motor by making it brushless.。

Brushless DC Motor



Design thought and manufacturing method are completely different from the conventional coreless motor , lightweight, good heat dissipation, no hysteresis loss are the features.  If size and weight are same,  rated output and rated torque are significantly larger.

  • Small、Light
  • Hi-power、Big torque
  • Smooth


Conventional model CPH series. CPHA series and CPHA2 series that significantly increased rated output and torque by our original patented air-cooling. mesh case added CPHB series.

Our motor technology,  Coreless and Brushless are the features.

  • CPH series: Standard model of brushless motor consists of multiple models by sectional size.
  • CPHA series: Based on CPH series, we applied our air cooling structure of our original patent and achieved 2.5 times bigger power compared to our conventional motor.
  • CPHA2 series: Improved version of CPHA, achieved 20% more power.
  • CPHB series: Added mesh case with simple waterproof to CPHA2 series.



Product details


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AC servo motor



The product which added the encoder to the brushless motor, in combination with the servo driver, achieved high-precision position control, speed control and acceleration control.

  • High precision control
  • Light and compact
  • Battery power available
  • High speed rotation 


In addition to following standard models, we can also consult custom products according to the customer's request. So please feel free to contact our representative.

  • CPS62C: Added encoder to CPH62. Brake option is available.

  • CPS80E: Added encoder to CPH80E. Brake option is available.

  • CPS80F: Added encoder to CPH80F. Brake option is available.

  • CPS80C: Shorter length compared to CPS80E/F. With brake model.


Product details


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Gear-in motor



There are many reasons who wants to put Gear to the motor in order to get more torque and lower RPM. We can meet customer's requirement for rotation speed by adjusting gear ratio. However, conventional gear is too large to put together!
We solved space problem by our Gear-in motor.
  • 50% volume of conventional motor 
  • Big torque
  • Long life
  • Quiet(compared to external gear)


In addition to following standard models, we can also consult custom products according to the customer's request. So please feel free to contact our representative.

  • GS80E: CPH80E base Gear-in type. Standard gear features 1/5, 1/6, 1/20, 1/25.
  • GS50:  CPH50 base Gear-in type.  Standard gear features 1/5, 1/25.

※Gear-in motor for other models are under development and will be introduced soon.


Produc details



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Geared mortor


                                                     Geared CP 2



There are many reasons why you might want to add a higher torque, a lower rpm, and a gear to the motor. In addition, the number of revolutions can be adjusted to the customer's preference by adjusting the gear ratio.
  • Big torque
  • Long life


Our geared motor is a generic term for a combination of brushless motor and gear head. Our brushless motor is basically a high-speed rotation (3, 000rpm to 15, 000rpm), but there are many cases where the customer is actually used for applications/applications where low rotation and high torque are required. Therefore, as a core-less motor company, in order to respond to such requests, we have a lineup of geared motor.  





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