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Coreless Brushless DC motor

What is the material of the motor shaft?
 4CR13 as standard. Please check with your sales representative for individual specifications.
Can the material of the motor shaft be changed toS45C?
It is possible as a custom-made. However, because the rust prevention effect is usually superior to the 4CR13, please confirm the influence of this change at the customer's responsibility.
Is it possible to worm the motor shaft?
It's possible. However, it is custom-made
Can I change the length of the UVW line and sensor line?
It's possible. However, it is custom-made.
What is the insulation grade of the motor coil?
The insulation grade of the coil is Class B.
Since the Coreless brushless DC motor is a DC motor, can it be operated by supplying DC voltage to the motor?

The DC power supply to the motor cannot be operated.
It works by supplying DC power to the driver and supplying the motor with a three-phase AC power supply to the driver. It is easy to understand why a brush with a brushed DC motor is thought to have been replaced by an external driver circuit and why it is called a brushless DC motor.