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Water resistant type

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Water resistant type (IC FAN motor)


Our fan motors are ultra-light and compact, and feature ultra-thin. This is very advantageous in incorporating space-saving and light-weight enclosure.

Low noise

With its unique circuit design, vibration is kept to a low limit, and the shape of the Impeller by the computer design keeps noise extremely low for the large air volume.

Energy saving

Due to its structure using a disk-type coreless brushless motor, it is highly efficient and has a low current consumption.

Long life

Since the bearings employ ball bearings or circular bearings, the expected life expectancy is 50,000 hours.

Waterproof effect

It has a waterproof effect of ip68, and in our experiment, we continue to drive five samples 1000 hours (not guaranteed values) in water.

Safety design, low leakage flux

The automatic safety device also acts as a burnout prevention function even if the rotation of the fan motor is constrained. In addition, because the leakage flux is very small, it becomes possible to use it near the display etc.


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Keep spinning in the water!


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Product lineup (water resistant type)

Series Bearing Upper view Side view Size*1
Rated speed*1
Max. wind volume*1
Max.static pressure*1
Expected life*2
F2510WP Circulating bearing  fan a  fan b 25x25x10 6 5/12 7000~15000 0.04~0.09 16~34.2 50,000
F3010WP Circulating bearing  fan c  fan d 30x30x10 7.9 5/12/24 4500~10000 0.04~0.12 9.7~42 50,000
F3510WP Circulating bearing F3510WP F3510WP 35x35x10 9.7 5/12/24 TBD TBD TBD 50,000
F3510WR Circulating bearing  fan e  fan f φ35x10 9.7 5/12/24 4000~8000 0.08~0.2 10~31 50,000
F4010WP Circulating bearing循環軸受  fan g  fan h 40x40x10 10 5/12 3000~5000 0.09~0.2 12~52 50,000
F5010WP Circulating bearing F5010WP F5010WP 50x50x10 17.8 5/12  TBD TBD TBD 50,000
F6010WP Circulating bearing  fan i  fan j 60x60x10 26 5/12/24 3000~5000 0.3~0.45 16.6~29.4 50,000

* 1 The reference value at room temperature 25 ℃, please check the specifications in detail.
* 2 It is a reference value at the normal temperature and humidity, and life is not a guaranteed 


Performance comparison

<Air volume, static pressure distribution map>

Please select the product to reference the air volume and the static pressure distribution below.
The size of the bubble It is proportional to the volume of the fan motor itself.


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